How we like to work

The three phases of project analysis, task completion and delivery involve thoroughly understanding the project requirements, breaking down the project into manageable tasks, and ensuring that the final product is delivered on time and meets the client's expectations. This process involves constant communication and collaboration with the client to ensure that the project stays on track and all deliverables are met.

First of all, you have to know

We do care about your project. In Bake My WP we want every single partner to be happy 🙂 We work hard to achieve this target, so we have created a simple four-phase process. This is how we work. We are focused to understand your project and your business needs, so you can expect a hangout from us to know you in personal and keep some important notes at first.

Shortly after we collect all the required information, we split our work into sub-tasks and this help us to get not only better response times but also faster delivery times. You can ask us whatever you want about our process by sending us a message directly or asking a question on our Facebook Page.

We are making a full project analysis before we migrate your site to WordPress

Phase 1 – Project Analysis

After your initial request for one of our services, we are doing a full project analysis in order to find out exactly your needs. You get a response with a full report from us during 1-2 working days time. Inside this report, we have estimated the cost of the project and how many days it will take to be delivered to you.

We do the tasks BakemyWP this is how we workPhase 2 – We do the tasks

Only after your agreement with our analysis we start the first WordPress migration in order to do our tasks. We are really enjoying this step. Giving life to something that seems old or outdated is really important for us. We do this process with love. And Yes that is reflected to your site! Our tasks should be ready during the estimated deadline to continue with the next phase.

How we work in BakemyWP

Phase 3 – Configuration

This is probably the most important phase for your project. Our experience had taught us that in most cases configurations are needed after a WordPress migration process. You don’t have to worry! Inside our Quote, we already have analyzed a plan for any changes and/or configurations you may need!

Project delivered by BakemyWPProject Delivery

The best time for us and your project has come. Now if everything is completed and your site is running smoothly we push the project live for you! We think you deserve the best and we work this way together!

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