24/7 WordPress Support

Manage a WordPress site is more than sign a simple support contract

WordPress powers almost 43% of the internet. Yes, it’s a fact but, despite WordPress popularity, Premium Support for WordPress sites is lacking. Many companies named their support managed WordPress hosting or managed WordPress service but in contrast, they do not offer anything more than a shared hosting server and a typical 9 to 5 pm support to their customers.

Why choose 24/7 WordPress Support

We are a small team focused on customer support. We have ten years of experience in the WordPress ecosystem. Offering tailor-made support to all of our clients is something that we are proud of. In contrast, we do not provide mass support packages and contracts. You can expect a custom infrastructure for your site. We do not forget that not every site needs the same settings and resources. Keep in mind you have to stay focused on your business plan, we take care of your site health.

What we can do for your site

24/7 WordPress Support BakemyWP

In our company, 24/7 WordPress Support is not only a phrase but it’s also a mindset. We do offer support for your WordPress site that makes sense. Our support contract involves the most important features that every single site should have nowadays in order to be up and running healthy along with the best practices. In this way, we can guarantee you that your business will have increased traffic and as a result, you can expect more sales.

Criteria we do care for Premium WordPress Support

  • We take three (3) daily backups of your site
  • Each site hosted in our servers lives standalone and not in a shared hosting package account
  • We do all the major updates of WordPress
  • We do all the updates of your plugins
  • We keep your database clean and optimized
  • We always run the latest PHP version in our servers
  • Your site will be protected against DDoS attacks
  • Our support tickets are not only answered 9 to 5 pm but all day, 24/7 despite your timezone
  • You can demand a solution, NOT JUST AN ANSWER from us within a business day

Offering 24/7 WordPress Support is not only business. It’s our philosophy.

Ready to get started?

Registering for a maintenance plan ensures that your website will be regularly updated and secure, preventing any potential issues or hacks,