Client Rating: 5 / 5 New WordPress theme designed & developed by Bake My WP SEE THIS PROJECT

What John said

You guys did an astonishing job! The design and the look of my site is AWESOME. My page now load faster than EVER before. I do not have any words to describe how happy I am from our cooperation. I am a big fan of the way you do business. Keep up the good work!

What we did in this project

First we did the design of the new theme. We crafted carefully every single area of the site with mobile first in mind. We wanted every single block to be reusable in order to avoid big css files and extra http calls.

The result is a PRETTY fast WordPress website with almost 27kb of CSS and 9kb of js files without any compromises on the design. This site is based on our new internally developed boilerplate theme called Masterflex and because of this we were able to deliver such a lightweight site.

Please navigate the site and feel this excellent browsing experience. Note that the site loads some ads but every single click is instant. We are really proud of this result.


In the next screenshot you can see a performance result of GTmetrix. We took a REAL metric of the site. We mean that the site has the right amount of ads and scripts and it loads fast even under those circumstances.

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