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Finding someone you can trust to hand over your company’s online success to is a big deal. To help you see if we’ll be a good fit together, here’s a bit about how we work.

Hey I’m Iakovos…

Iakovos Frountas

Iakovos Frountas

Pronounced (Ya-ko-vos)

Owner, Bake My WP

If you’re searching for someone to collaborate with in order to create your website, you’re in the right place. I believe I can be the right fit for your project.

Your quest for the ideal website development collaborator ends here – I’m confident that I’m the perfect match to help you achieve your online goals and create a standout website.

After 15 years as a web developer in the WordPress ecosystem, I started Bake My WP in 2020.

Over the years, I’ve crafted websites for a multitude of companies spanning various industries. Within the dynamic landscape of the WordPress global community, I unearthed my true calling: collaborating with technology companies, particularly those dedicated to creating products and services tailored for users.

WordPress Community Member

In 2016, I became an active part of the Greek WordPress community, contributing to organizing local meetups and WordCamps. The highlight of the year was our first WordCamp in Athens, a fantastic experience. I played a crucial role in developing the event’s website and took charge of internal communication on Slack during the event.

In 2017, I continued my involvement in the community by assuming the role of head of the publicity team for WordCamp Athens. This was a demanding role, but my team and I managed to achieve significant success, reaching the third position on the national Twitter trending list and securing coverage by the Greek National Broadcast Corporation.

In 2018, I expanded my experience by participating in the organization of WordCamp Thessaloniki and volunteering as a Happiness Assistant at WordCamp Europe 2018. I switched roles to lead the Swag team, satisfying my passion for collecting stickers. The following year, I was selected to be part of the organizing team for WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin, this time as a member of the designing team. Additionally, I took on the role of lead organizer for WordCamp Athens 2019. My journey in the WordPress community continues, with new responsibilities and a commitment to furthering this vibrant community.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic over the last few years, I took on the pivotal role of coordinating all our community’s online events. However, I eagerly returned to my role as an organizer for the very first in-person event after the pandemic, which was the remarkable WordCamp Europe 2022, held in the beautiful city of Porto.

In 2023, the Greek WordPress community seized the opportunity to shine once more by hosting WordCamp Europe in our homeland, Greece. I once again had the privilege of being a proud member of the dedicated organizing team.

Codeable Certified Expert

In 2021, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, I embarked on a journey with Codeable, a renowned platform for WordPress experts. With determination and a strong passion for web development, I pursued the rigorous certification process they had in place. The path was not easy, filled with complex tests and extensive evaluations, but my commitment paid off. I emerged from this demanding process as a certified WordPress expert, equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality solutions in the world of web development.

Rest assured, when you choose my services, you are in capable hands. My Codeable certification is a testament to my expertise and dedication to WordPress. I am committed to providing you with top-notch solutions for your web development needs, ensuring that your projects receive the attention and expertise they deserve. Whether it’s website design, optimization, or troubleshooting, I’m here to help you navigate the dynamic world of WordPress with confidence and proficiency.

Iakovos Frountas Codeable Certificate

Guiding the Next Generation with WordPress

As a WordPress instructor at ANT1 MediaLab, part of ANTENNA Group’s Media School in Greece, I have the privilege of contributing to the education of aspiring media professionals. ANT1 MediaLab, founded in 1991, is a leading private education institution that provides modern and comprehensive study programs while offering students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience alongside esteemed journalists and industry experts.

Through my role, I empower students to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of media and communication, ensuring they stay up-to-date with industry trends, emerging technologies, and international insights into digital marketing. This experience enriches my skillset, as I have the utmost privilege of educating the next generation of journalists and digital marketeers about WordPress.

The Process

Introduction Call


Project Discovery

Design &

Project Kickoff


Testing & Quality




Effective communication is of great importance to us, as we understand it is to you as well.

We will have a few Google meetings throughout your project, however, most of our communication will be conducted asynchronously through email. This approach allows us to maintain a written record of our discussions, minimizing the potential for miscommunication.

Our goal is to respond to any of your emails within 8 business hours from Monday to Friday. You can expect regular communication from us throughout the project as we have questions or need to review our work.

Additionally, a project status update will be provided to you every Friday, which will include details on the progress made that week, the current status of the project and the plan for the next week.

Phone or Google meetings can be scheduled at any point during the project, however, all real-time communication must be arranged in advance.


Primary Communication


Scheduled Meetings


Project Status Updates


Website Care Updates


3 to 8 Weeks

Average Project Duration


Project Updates

Most projects are completed between 3-8 weeks depending on the size, scope, and your availability for communication and feedback.

Each project is different, so we’ll provide you with an estimated timeline after our first call, and a detailed timeline breakdown inside of your proposal.

Throughout the project you’ll receive a weekly update on the project’s status, including any adjustments to the schedule, to ensure you’re always aware of the status of your project.


Our pricing is determined by a combination of factors such as project complexity, overall scope, deadlines and specific deliverables. Each project is quoted individually to cater to unique needs.

We can provide an estimated or “ballpark” price after our initial consultation, however, a more detailed quote can only be given after a comprehensive project discovery call. We make every effort to provide an accurate quote that takes into account all the necessary elements for a successful project.

It’s natural, however, to need to make changes to the scope or deliverables after the project is underway — so we plan for that ahead of time.

We have a change request process in place for any adjustments to the scope or deliverables of the project. Any modifications to the quoted price will be communicated and agreed upon before proceeding with the work.

You can be assured that there will be no unexpected charges or invoices — ever.

To give you some sense of our pricing, our project minimum for custom website design & development projects is 3,500€ and our average project price in 2023 was 8.765€.

Our ongoing website management services come at three price points; 60€/mo, 100€/mo, and 200€/mo depending on your needs.


Project Minimum


Average Project (2023)

60 – 200€

Monthly Website Care

No Surprise

Our Commitments

Commitment to


Commitment to the


Commitment to

Customer Service

In contrast to other professions such as general contractors, realtors, and even beauticians, which require qualification tests and licenses to operate, the web industry lacks a defined set of standards for regulating website quality.

In the web development field, anyone can become a web developer, and many business owners have experienced the consequences of choosing the wrong ones.

At Bake My WP, we’ve established our own high standards by implementing a rigorous inspection process and mandating third-party peer reviews for all our projects, aiming to align ourselves with the top 1% of websites.

Does this mean your website will be flawless? Not necessarily, but we’re dedicated to getting as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Your carbon footprint might not be your first concern when you go to have a website built, but the truth is, every byte of data has an impact on our environment.

We’ve made a public commitment to consider the environmental impact of all our projects. To meet this goal, we’ve modified how we plan, build, and maintain websites to reduce their environmental impact and pledge to global reforestation efforts at a minimum of 300% of what it takes to operate our business.

You can read more about our sustainability pledge here.

Good customer service is like the heartbeat of a successful business—it’s not just about giving answers, but about forming a connection based on trust, honesty, and respect.

Our 5-star reviews say a lot, but the best compliment we’ve ever received was from Rodrigo de Freitas, our client since 2020, who said:

Excellent service! Among the fastest and most professional support I have encountered, without exaggerating. Highly recommend them!”

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