Website Accessibility

Every site on the web is accessible by anyone literally. But can anyone read or see your site? Is it really accessible?

Is your site accessible in real life?

On the internet, every website is technically accessible in the sense that it can be reached by anyone with an internet connection and the correct URL or web address. However, the actual accessibility of a website can be limited by various factors, including:

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Color Contrast

Color contrast is crucial for website accessibility as it ensures readability for all users, including those with visual impairments. High contrast between text and background enhances legibility, enabling better comprehension and navigation, thus promoting inclusivity and usability.

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Alt Text in Images

Alt text in images is essential for website accessibility as it provides a textual description of the image content. This benefits users who rely on screen readers or have images disabled, enabling them to understand and engage with the visual information on the site effectively.

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Empty Links

Using descriptive text for links is vital for accessibility as it provides clear information about the destination. Empty links, devoid of meaningful text, hinder navigation for users relying on screen readers or those with cognitive disabilities, impeding their ability to understand and interact with the content effectively.

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Headings Sequence

Maintaining a logical heading sequence is crucial for website accessibility as it helps users understand the structure and hierarchy of the content. Properly nested headings improve navigation for all users, especially those who rely on screen readers, facilitating easier comprehension and smoother browsing experiences.

Keyboard friendly

Creating a keyboard-friendly website is essential for accessibility, ensuring that all users, including those with mobility or dexterity impairments, can navigate and interact with the site using only keyboard inputs. This inclusive design approach promotes equal access to information and functionality, enhancing the overall user experience for everyone.

Website Structure Check

We will check every element in your website to be 100% sure that your site meets accessibility standards, guaranteeing that all users can navigate and interact with your site effectively and inclusively. Our extended report will guide you through all the required changes in your website.

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