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Finding answers to your frequently asked questions can save time and effort by providing quick solutions to common issues. Our comprehensive FAQ section can help you troubleshoot and resolve problems on your own, but if you have any further question do not hesitate to ask.

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No there is no lifetime! You can get updates of our provided plugins and themes as long as you have an active hosting or care plan subscription with us. If you cancel your subscription or you transfer away your site you will have to buy a single license for any plugins or themes in order to continue getting updates.

The answer is simple! NO! You do not have to subscribe to an annual plan if you don’t want to. Just pay for a monthly subscription and cancel any time. See the full list of our WordPress Support plans from this page.

We are trying to answer all our tickets within 1 working day. In any case you should expect a first response of our team within 2-3 hours and a permanent fix or answer within 48 hours for bugs and minor fixes.

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