What is Domain in WordPress?

A domain name is like the address for a website on the internet.

Think of the internet as a huge city, and every website is like a building in that city. Just as buildings have street addresses that help you find them, websites have domain names that help you locate them on the internet.

A domain name typically looks like “” Here’s what each part means:

  • www: This stands for “world wide web,” and it’s a common prefix, but not always required.
  • example: This is the unique name of the website, like the name of a building.
  • com: This is the domain’s “extension” or “top-level domain” (TLD), like “.com,” “.org,” “.net,” or “.edu.” It often gives you a clue about the type or purpose of the website.

So, a domain name is the human-friendly way to access a website, just like a street address helps you find a building in a city. When you type a domain name into your web browser, it takes you to the specific website you’re looking for on the internet.

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