How to update a WordPress site to PHP 7.3 without “500 Internal Server Error”

As you probably already know, now in WordPress version 5.1 PHP 7.3 is the recommended version of PHP to run a WordPress site, but you don’t have to worry because many older versions of PHP are still supported today and ...

How to split your WordPress posts in different rows and columns

There is a simple and effective way to split your bunch of posts inside your theme. You will need a simple get_posts() or WP_Query functions and that’s all! First we need to search for our posts [prism url=”” language=”php”] You fill ...

Display Jetpack sharing buttons in another position

There is a really simple way in order to change the default position of Jetpack sharing buttons. Just use the 3 lines of code below to achieve that.

How to Change In Stock and Out of Stock message in WooCommerce

WooCommerce doesn’t have the best message for availability by default. What if you want to change it? There is a simple way to do this but you have to be sure you know how to modify your functions.php file. If ...

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