WordPress Support Plans (2)

  • Do I have to subscribe for a whole year?

    The answer is simple! NO! You do not have to subscribe to an annual plan if you don’t want to. Just pay for a monthly subscription and cancel any time. See the full list of our WordPress Support plans from this page.

  • Do I have a lifetime subscription in Themes and Plugins?

    No there is no lifetime! You can get updates of our provided plugins and themes as long as you have an active Entrepreneur subscription. If you cancel your subscription you will have to buy a single license for any plugins or themes in order to continue getting updates.

Migration Process (3)

Content Export/Import (2)

  • How do I export my Joomla content?

    All the data about your posts, pages, comments, users,… in your Joomla site is stored in a database. Therefore, getting a full copy of your Joomla data to get ready for your Joomla to WordPress migration is as easy as exporting the data of the Joomla database. The export is isually a .sql (or .mysql) text file with the set of CREATE TABLE and INSERT SQL statements that would allow you to recreate the database structure and content in another site.

    There are two ways of getting this export file:

    – From Outside Joomla, using any database export tool like phpmyadmin
    – From Within Joomla, using one of the available backups extensions, like the Akeeba backup extension

    Let’s take a closer look at both options.

    From outside: PHPMyAdmin

    PHPMyAdmin is a free tool to manage MySQL databases (most likely, your Drupal is using a MySQL backend, if not check what database export tools are available for your system). PHPMyAdmin is available from your control panel. Once inside phpmyadmin, you just need to select the Joomla database on the left column.

    After selecting the database just go the export tab and select the tables you’d like to export.

  • How do I export my WooCommerce products?

    WooCommerce has a built-in product CSV importer and exporter, as of version 3.1x.

    In order to create a CSV file with all your products please go to WooCommerce > Products.

    In this page select Export on the top of the screen.

    Select which fields you need to download (most of the times you may want a full product export).

    If you want the export to migrate your WooCommerce site into another server please do not forget to also make a copy of the uploads folder that contains all the images of the products.

WordPress (2)

  • How do I contact WordPress support?

    For Any Help & Support for your WordPress Website send us an email at WordPress Customer Service address support[at]bakemywp.com and our team of WordPress experts will happily solve your problem within 24hours.

  • Where can I find WordPress help?

    Are you looking help for your WordPress site? You are lucky because we offer Premium WordPress Support 24/7. We can keep your theme updated, your plugins and the WordPress core itself for you at the lowest monthly rate. You can request a free quote for your site anytime.