What is happening with SiteGround’s support? Do I have alternatives?

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SiteGround is a big hosting company and this is unquestionable. During the past year SiteGround made a strategic decision to move all it’s servers to Google Cloud Platform. This decision lead to increasing of their prices but this is something logic and reasonable.

The last days we saw a lot of people going bananas about SiteGround’s latest decision to knock out WordPress support from their team. They do not provide anymore help related to WordPress Theme issues, slow website speed, and errors caused of WordPress plugins. This decision is pretty fair to be honest for a hosting company. The wrong in this decision from our viewpoint is that kind of support made SiteGround to stand out in a crowded market. Many people saw this as a deal and they have leveraged their business on SiteGround in the expectation that they’re gonna get support forever.

We can understand that many people could be frustrating right now but SiteGround’s old support plan doesn’t looked viable from the very first sight. So we think the company made the right decision.

Do I have SiteGround alternatives?

Of course you have plenty of alternative choices to choose from. There are dozens of companies out there in the market that they offer great hosting experiences. But as far as we are concerned most of them lacking on support. By all means, you have to wait for a couple of hours or days for just a reply.

And what do you suggest?

We can help you! Definitely! We are real people that we do provide your WordPress site with top-notch support 24/7. We are making the updates for you, answering your tickets and do all the tasks. You can take a look on our WordPress Support Plans page to see our packages in detail. We crafted those packages after a long discussion with our users and they are loving our support. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us in order to assist you.

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